ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) allow you to add data through custom fields to the items. Order Splitter can split items on base of these custom field values. Create a field group and define values in it. Assign these values to different items.

Field Group in ACF

For example, we created group in ACF named “Products Group” with these values Dell, Samsung, HP &  Asus. Then we assign these values to different items like “Asus” to “Alpha Pro”, “Dell” to “Item A & Item B” and “HP” to “Album Bundle”.

Values assigned to items

Order Splitter will group items under field values. So, we can expect three parcels as shown in the screenshot. “Item A & Item B” will be grouped in one parcel and “Alpha Pro” & “Album Bundle” will be in different parcels.

Expected Parcels on Checkout Page / Overview

Note: If you cannot see field groups on settings page turn it on from screen options.

Turn on options for ACF Fields

Watch tutorial