Loaring @louring

We are launching a new version with a new feature on request by Loaring.
Loaring described a confusion: Instead of “scrolling back to top when each slide loads”, is it possible to START at the top? It’s more logic always starting at the top – scrolling is a bit confusing.

Fahad replied: So instead of slow scroll, we can immediately start from top. I will check this possibility in next version.

After some time Fahad released next version with this feature.

Now you can use “scroll to top” option with numeric value. To use this feature go to options check “scroll to top” box and add some value as you want. For example 5 means 5 seconds delay to scroll up. If you change it to 1 so, page will scroll up in 1 second and if you want to remove the delay set the value to 0.


In the case you want to remember your value but you do not want implement at the movement just uncheck “scroll to top” box.

You can watch this to get more guidance.

jQuery Post Splitter (2.5.8)