This so easy to buy something to date if you have money. Just go to a shopping mall, a super store or a boutique and get what you want. You can pay cash or use your credit card if you don’t have cash. Paper currency made it easier.


Credit Card

If you are going for shopping for a special event and you cannot handle a bundle of currency notes or you are out of cash, so can use just a card to make payments. It is based on cardholder’s promise to card issuer to payment the merchants. These cards issued by banks and banks pay to merchants form your account. It also has a few more features.

Using a credit card

Online Shopping

This is the easiest way to get your desired products at your doorstep. Just browse an online shopping website, select your desired products, add them to cart and conform your deal by filling a simple form. In this you can chose method of payment as you want like you can pay through your ATM card, credit card or cash on delivery.