WP Responsive Tabs is a free WordPress plugin.  It was developed by Fahad Mahmood in October 2016. Fahad mahmood  started his freelancing career in 2014 as WP Mechanic(WordPress Mechanic) in the IT industry.

Although he always busy in various projects and innovations but he helps the people online. As here one of WP Responsive Tabs user came to support with an issue. The user told him that after using WP Responsive Tabs he published the page but the tab meta boxes disappeared. so he is not able to change or delete tabs content. He’s only receiving the add more tabs option and a custom CSS box i also displaying that he never had. The user also told WordPress mechanic that he installed the latest version of WordPress and using basic free theme that’s why there should not be any conflicts.

The developer asked the user to provide him the URL so that he will be able to inspect the problem. He tested the plugin and found that line break was interrupting JavaScript and that’s why tabs were disappearing on admin side. He informed the user that the issue is fixed, the user just have to install the latest version.