I informed the developer of Alphabetic Pagination that i’m using this plugin with custom post types. The list of staff members where i’m using the plugin is displays fine and shows the Alphabetic Pagination at the top. Its working great with the list of staff members; however i have just noticed that information in my website footer disappears when i click on a letter. I informed him that i am pulling content from a WP Page using $recent = new WP_Query(“pagename=footer”);

Its working on every other page but for some reason it is unable to find the page when displaying results from the Alphabetic Pagination. After explaining my case, i asked him for help.

I found the solution by myself so i told him to mark this topic as resolved. I also told him that i changed it to use the following instead of WP_Query and its working.
$footerPg = get_page_by_title( 'Footer', OBJECT, 'page' );
echo $footerPg->post_content;

You did well, he appreciated me. he told me, to filter the results of my taxonomy, he has to alter the main query. And it is recommended to use main query once. Many times people get this problem when they try to use WP_Query more than once.