Alphabetic Pagination

I was trying to use Alphabetic Pagination WordPress plugin to bind into a list of users, not posts or categories but wasn’t able to configure then i decided to take help from the plugin author and then i asked him for help.

He informed me that it is possible by modifying the query. He also asked me that do i have a plan to list my users publicly?

I informed him that i have planed it. And i want to generate an alphabetical row of letters exactly as Alphabetic Pagination does but when a letter clicked it goes to a page that lists all authors beginning with the letter clicked on.

He informed me that the requirements are clear but plugin works with posts for now. To make it work with users, i have to modify it according to my need. Do i have development expertise or need the developer to do it for me?

I told him that i’m not familiar with plugin development enough to modify the code. If he shows me what needs to be done that would be great.

He asked me give a test user on my website so he’ll be implement it there. he will implement its functionality,  and i can make my layout better later on. he also he will implement it at his side and then will give that to me for test, that will take much time.

As its being developed my mine localhost server but i’ll try and find some online space for it soon and let him know as soon as i have.

He told me as its a feature, so he is closing this topic from support category. As i did have the same need so i asked him for the result of his search. In reply he told me that he couldn’t perform a test on kevleitch’s site so don’t have idea what exactly i am requiring. He also asked me if i can provide me the exact requirement through a proper WordPress installation and users listing can see so it would be easy for him to visualize the things.
He informed me that he provided this functionality in latest premium version and documentation is also available for shortcode usage. He also warned me that i don’t have to share my personal information on blog, the plugin support is available for his all plugins available in WordPress plugins directory.