I appreciated the developer of WordPress plugin Alphabetic Pagination that his idea behind this plugin is great. But when I configured the plugin, all the menus disappear on every page where I tried to use Alphabetic pagination.  I’ve tried to solve this problem but I can’t figure out the confliction in nav menu item type that he was filtering. I asked him for quick solution.

He thanked me for the appreciation. He told me check his code and try to find where he was using .html() in jquery. That should me .append() or .prepend() in my case. He also told me that If i will get it fixed then he will make these changes in next version.

I informed him that he was already using prepend for jQuery, i tried to find the issue for use of add filter('pre_get_posts','ap_pagination',1). it seems ‘pre_get _posts‘ is filtering nav_menu_item and thus removing all the menus on any page that the plugin filters. Then, i asked him for help.

He informed me that he will try the same case at his end and will inform me soon. He also told me that may be he will require the URL from me to test the solution later. He gave me his blog blog link to post my testing credentials via contact form if that required.

I suggested him that his code might just need some ending to resolve the issue. I also asked him that have he had a chance to look at the navigation menu issue.

He informed that he is little busy in work and will check the issue this weekend and will inform me. After one day he informed me the he have traced the issue, will release the update soon.

I appreciated him for help.