It’s really hard to get the things work in first attempt especially free WordPress plugin. I’m grateful to the guys who were providing service and support. I like the WordPress plugin alphabetic pagination, but a few configuration issues were there.

I informed the developer of WordPress plugin Alphabetic pagination that this WordPress plugin is cool, but some problems with a “letter” that has more than one page results.

I suggested the developer that it would be convenient to be able to place some text above or below or the alphabet row from within the plugin Alphabetic Pagination interface.

I also suggested the developer that it might be useful to give a choice to turn off and turn on to WordPress website user or viewer so that they would allow viewing by the alphabetic pagination or the standard WordPress newest post first method i.e.

He replied, it would be another variable in my current query string e.g. My current location was abc=1 and alphabetic pagination with the result of posts starting with “Z”.

The developer also replied that he will add an option to enable or disable the plugin alphabetic pagination view in next version.