I informed the developer of WordPress plugin Alphabetical pagination that I have just started using WordPress. I asked him to help in configuration of Alphabetic pagination, position on WordPress theme. In his reply the developer asked me to provide the website URL to look into the DOM element. I asked him to choose either any “div, span, p etc.” classes or id =”something here” on WordPress website page? So the developer helped me. As I tried on local server, not online, so I sent the code to the developer. He told me to replace text that I wanted to put in Alphabetic pagination with a div like, ‘div id=”ap-spot”>

and then insert “#ap-spot

” in DOM position by selection “reset” and then “custom” from there; he told me to make sure about “Display on all lists?” option.
I informed the developer that this was working in category pages but nothing show in custom WordPress page. He told me to make sure that WordPress page has more than 1 item (means list) and I have selected first option “Display on all lists?” to yes, and everything worked perfectly.