I appreciated the developer of WordPress plugin Alphabetical Pagination for this great WordPress plugin. I asked the developer, ‘is there any way to add non-Latin letters like Russian?” The replied, ‘it is possible but he don’t know the Russian.’ The developer said that if I suggest him that how should it be then he will implement it. The developer also said that there were two options in his mind:
1: Either he adds “add more” option for custom letters or default letters would be alphabets in the plugin Alphabetical Pagination.
2: The developer could add a language folder, people would create their own language file and use that.
They could update the developer as well. The developer said, ‘he will include that language file in next releases.’ The developer asked that witch option was good? I appreciated him for quick response. I will appreciate any solution, which one developer will work best, I answer the developer. The developer replied that he would work on it, and will release the updated version of WordPress plugin alphabetical pagination. The developer also said that first he would show me the archive, then he would decide which one more user friendly. I appreciated his efforts and wish him best of luck.