I informed the author of WordPress plugin Alphabetic Pagination that it stopped working since version 1.0.2 update. I had pagination linked to the div in my site having ID #pagination, it was working perfectly. But after the last update of WordPress plugin Alphabetic Pagination stopped working. I asked the developer that how will this work again? And i provided the link of website, http://www.mediadigest.be/mediaterminologie/.

Developer replied that he is trying to find the issue related to WordPress website. He requested me to check my WordPress website settings, are correct? May be after updating the wordpress plugin Alphabetic pagination the website settings were reset.

I thanked him for the quick response. I told him that I don’t know what settings or DOM insertion point I have to choose, the alphabetical lists of post were not showing.

Developer replied, he’ll check the problem and would update in a few hours. He told pagination was displaying on every page even on posts in last version of plugin Alphabetic pagination. But now its restricted to only categories and taxonomies etc. Then he released another version to display it on other pages too.

Developer shared with me that initially other users didn’t want pagination on every page because they often don’t have lists except in categories.

I appreciated his efforts and updated him that I was using pagination in archive.php template. I wish him best of luck.