Alphabetic Pagination – Can’t understand how it works

Before I started, I told the developer of WordPress plugin alphabetic pagination, “I am little weak in English.”  I told him that I did not understand how the plugin was worked. I send him the link of website and told him that I want achieve the functionality exactly like that website:

He asked me for website credentials through contact form to review my query and rectify the problem. He informed me most probably website theme was not using main query because plugin alphabetic pagination alter main query and everything worked fine. He asked me to inform him that could I inspect that by myself or he can do that for me.

I informed him that it was not a single website so I cannot give you the access to website. I also told him that I can inspect that by myself.

He asked me for theme files of website which was associated to the required view. He told me that he would immediately inform me that what was the problem and how can that be resolved.

I informed him that I could not send him .zip file of theme there. He gave me the link of his website:

He provided me his Skype address too. And told me he came to online to resolve such problems at 10PM (GMT+5).

Alphabetic Pagination – Regular Pagination Clarification

It’s really hard (good, pleasant, an honor, great) to (get the things work in first attempt),(report a bug, propose a new feature, contribute in open source community) especially(for, in , ) free WordPress plugin. I’m grateful to the guys who were providing service and support. I like the WordPress plugin alphabetic pagination, but a few configuration issues were there.
This was second time; I talked to the developer of WordPress plugin alphabetic pagination, to give a choice of numerical pagination for users. May be it would make this plugin complex but the user who wants to use numerical pagination too, wouldn’t be worried about to install another plugin for numerical pagination, I suggested the developer of WordPress Plugin.
He replied that he can add numerical pagination but he reviewed WordPress related content before it seems rare if someone is having posts starting with a number. But he can give one “#” in start so to all the post starting with numbers will be listed. It will work with pagination too so the user can navigate through archive and category too.
Then I thought, I’ve continued to speak inaccurately. I informed him that by numerical I meant when user have an archive and “pages” of results. i.e. 8 excerpts on first page, 8 more excerpt on page two of the results, etc.
He replied that he can give the viewer the choice of alphabetic pagination or the standard (likely date-based) choice of page1, page2, etc of results.
He was not understanding my point of view so I asked him a question so that he would be clear my suggestion, what happened with the plugin alphabetic pagination if someone selected “D” and there are more than one page of results? Does it then display numbered pages of results?
He informed me that he understood what I was trying to say. The plugin has been working as I was expecting because he was using WordPress function (add_query_arg) which adds the query argument in existing query string instead of replacing the old one.
He thanked me for suggesting him. Such a nice person he was.