WP Responsive Tabs – Can’t edit tab content after publishing

WP Responsive Tabs is a free WordPress plugin.  It was developed by Fahad Mahmood in October 2016. Fahad mahmood  started his freelancing career in 2014 as WP Mechanic(WordPress Mechanic) in the IT industry.

Although he always busy in various projects and innovations but he helps the people online. As here one of WP Responsive Tabs user came to support with an issue. The user told him that after using WP Responsive Tabs he published the page but the tab meta boxes disappeared. so he is not able to change or delete tabs content. He’s only receiving the add more tabs option and a custom CSS box i also displaying that he never had. The user also told WordPress mechanic that he installed the latest version of WordPress and using basic free theme that’s why there should not be any conflicts.

The developer asked the user to provide him the URL so that he will be able to inspect the problem. He tested the plugin and found that line break was interrupting JavaScript and that’s why tabs were disappearing on admin side. He informed the user that the issue is fixed, the user just have to install the latest version.


WP Sort Order – Installed plugins reorder

I was wondering why no plugin is able to reorder our plugins list as WP Sort Order WordPress plugin drag and drop reorder users and custom taxonomies. I shared it with the developer of the plugin.

He asked me that am i talking about installed plugins? He was asking right i was talking about installed plugins but i wasn’t able to explain the feature so i tried to explain him again that just like drag and drop page or post order i’m referring to drag and drop plugin on plugins page.

He informed me that by installed plugins means plugins page. He assured me that he will work on this feature. I thanked him. And he informed me that the feature is added in WP Sort Order version 1.1.3.

Jquery Post Splitter – Remove Pagination for single pages

First i appreciated the developer of WordPress plugin Jquery Post Splitter to giving the such a great contribution to the community. I asked him is there anyway to not  show the 1 of 1 pagination on post that does not have more than on page.

Then i found the solution by myself, i informed him that by modifying the code a bit in /inc/jps-core-front.php on line 101 i changed:

if( !empty( $post_parts )) {


if ( count( $post_parts ) > 1 ) {

I then removed line 181 – 183 because that wasn’t working

// Else It Isn't Pagintated, Don't Show Slider
$ppscontent_arr[] = $ppscontent;

I replaced that with

return implode( ' ', $ppscontent_arr );

} else {
    return $post->post_content;

The developer asked that was the issue resolved or pendding?

An developer user jumped in who was having the same issue, the user was saying, “Aforesaid solution is not working. Further, page shows “view full post” link many times (number of slides). Please suggest how to fix these two issues.
One more thing. plugin is excellent!”

The developer fixed the issue and he released the latest version.

WP Responsive Tabs – Edit a tab content

I appreciated the author of WordPress plugin WP Responsive Tabs for writing such great plugin. I also asked him that how can i edit a tab content? because when i try to edit a page the metabox disappear.

The developer informed me that there must be some JavaScript conflict within my wp-admin. He asked me to try it in a fresh WordPress Installation and let him know about the status.