Alphabetic Pagination – Breaks My Footer

I informed the developer of Alphabetic Pagination that i’m using this plugin with custom post types. The list of staff members where i’m using the plugin is displays fine and shows the Alphabetic Pagination at the top. Its working great with the list of staff members; however i have just noticed that information in my website footer disappears when i click on a letter. I informed him that i am pulling content from a WP Page using $recent = new WP_Query(“pagename=footer”);

Its working on every other page but for some reason it is unable to find the page when displaying results from the Alphabetic Pagination. After explaining my case, i asked him for help.

I found the solution by myself so i told him to mark this topic as resolved. I also told him that i changed it to use the following instead of WP_Query and its working.
$footerPg = get_page_by_title( 'Footer', OBJECT, 'page' );
echo $footerPg->post_content;

You did well, he appreciated me. he told me, to filter the results of my taxonomy, he has to alter the main query. And it is recommended to use main query once. Many times people get this problem when they try to use WP_Query more than once.

Alphabetic Pagination – Conflicts with CRED plugin

I reported the developer of Alphabetic Pagination about an error “fatal error : Cannot redeclare pre() (previously declared in /home/nwsprind/public_html/new/wp-content/plugins/alphabetic-pagination/functions.php:14) in /home/nwsprind/public_html/new/wp-content/plugins/cred-frontend-editor/classes/CRED.php on line 4“. And i informed him that CRED was developed by WP-Types and found and the link:

He informed me that it was already handled with following condition in Alphabetic Pagination

function pre($data){

He suggested me to put the same condition in CRED.php where this function exists. If am not sure that how to do it; let him know he will fix it for me in next revision.

WP SpeedUp – Page access permissions issue

I was using WP SpeedUp WordPress plugin to speedup my website but when i tried to visit the settings page of the plugin, iv’e gotten the message that i don’t have permissions to access this page.

When i contacted to the developer of the plugin and informed him about the issue, he told me that he had tested the plugin many times its working. He asked me to check am i login with my administrator user. He also informed me that he has fixed the issue and asked me to try the latest version.

I apologies him that i didn’t remember getting his first reply. The issue was resolved. I thanked him for the quick response.

WP DatePicker – How to install WP Datepicker?

  1.  First login to admin panel of your WordPress website and go to plugin section click on add new and then write wp datepicker in top right search bar. As shown in the figure 1 and 2 below.
    Figure (1)
    Figure (2)
  2. Click on install button wp datepicker by fahad and then click on activate
  3. Under settings section Click on WP Datepicker and then you will see options page as in the figure below:
  4.  Then add a new page (as i’ve created with the name of WP Datepicker) or go the page on which you want to implement WP Datepicker; Create three fields 1st with “class”, 2nd  with “id” and 3rd with input field name as shown in the figure below:4.png
  5. Then go to the settings page of WP Datepicker. Here we have 3 Options:
    • First option is Configure WP Datepicker by Input field’s Id
    • Second option is Configure WP Datepicker by Input field’s Class
    • Third option is Configure WP Datepicker by Input field’s Name

You can also give it to the multiple fields by seprating the class, id or input fields name with coma “,”  as shown in the figure below.5.png

Click on Save Changes, go to the page view and click on the field then you will see calendar there as show in the figure below:


By using these methods you can configure your date field or multiple fields. You can also use it on pages, posts, Contact forms or any kind of form where you want to use it.

Alphabetic Pagination – Use with list of users?

Alphabetic Pagination

I was trying to use Alphabetic Pagination WordPress plugin to bind into a list of users, not posts or categories but wasn’t able to configure then i decided to take help from the plugin author and then i asked him for help.

He informed me that it is possible by modifying the query. He also asked me that do i have a plan to list my users publicly?

I informed him that i have planed it. And i want to generate an alphabetical row of letters exactly as Alphabetic Pagination does but when a letter clicked it goes to a page that lists all authors beginning with the letter clicked on.

He informed me that the requirements are clear but plugin works with posts for now. To make it work with users, i have to modify it according to my need. Do i have development expertise or need the developer to do it for me?

I told him that i’m not familiar with plugin development enough to modify the code. If he shows me what needs to be done that would be great.

He asked me give a test user on my website so he’ll be implement it there. he will implement its functionality,  and i can make my layout better later on. he also he will implement it at his side and then will give that to me for test, that will take much time.

As its being developed my mine localhost server but i’ll try and find some online space for it soon and let him know as soon as i have.

He told me as its a feature, so he is closing this topic from support category. As i did have the same need so i asked him for the result of his search. In reply he told me that he couldn’t perform a test on kevleitch’s site so don’t have idea what exactly i am requiring. He also asked me if i can provide me the exact requirement through a proper WordPress installation and users listing can see so it would be easy for him to visualize the things.
He informed me that he provided this functionality in latest premium version and documentation is also available for shortcode usage. He also warned me that i don’t have to share my personal information on blog, the plugin support is available for his all plugins available in WordPress plugins directory.

Alphabetic Pagination – No Static Blog?

Alphabetic Pagination

I informed the developer of the plugin Alphabetic Pagination that my website does not have static blog page. I send my posts URL and I asked him that how I can use this plugin because I like Alphabetic Pagination and cannot make static page for the posts.

The developer thanked me for the appreciation and he informed that I can use this plugin(Alphabetic Pagination) on my blog. Its easy that I have to put my posts under some category and go to plugin settings, select that category and click “save changes” that’s it. It will start working on category page. He give me his blog contact for further help.

I informed him that I tried following the steps like, Settings > Alphabetic Pagination I chose category > selected multiple categories but the post still not showing. I asked him that may be I need to make some changes in settings > Reading?

I also asked that my template is responsive but this plugin isn’t there any way to make it responsive?

He asked me for the URL so that he’ll be able to check that why plugin is not working. And he asked that which theme I’m using, is it developed on WordPress standards as Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen etc.?

He also informed me that multiple categories related issue was fixed in last version and static pages this plugin is not recommended because it is dealing with the queries.

Alphabetic Pagination – Not Understand Yet how to display categories page alphabetized

I asked the developer of WordPress plugin Alphabetic Pagination that I want to get logged into my website If there is better place to communicate so that I’ll be able to send the credentials. I’m using Gabfire Advanced Newspaper theme. I informed him that i configured Alphabetic Pagination on website to display categories page alphabetized. When I go to a category page there were no changes but when I go to individual posts I saw some random characters.
He informed that I can contact him through his blog’s contact form. He told me that he will definitely help me quickly. He asked me that is my requirement Alphabetically Ordered Categories? If it’s true then he can add this feature too. He told me to confirm and send him the SITE URL where I have implemented Alphabetic Pagination plugin. After some time he informed me that the feature is added and he thanked me for suggesting him this feature.

WP Datepicker – Stopped Working

I was happily using WP Datepicker  v1.0 WordPress plugin on my website and when I upgraded to 1.2 the plugin has stopped working: when i was  picking a date the field is empty. The plugin was  working fine before. There was no error in the browser console or in the WP log to report.

Then i decided to talk about it with the plugin Author on support. I told him about the issue. He told me that the issue was resolved and i have to install the latest version (WP Datepicker 1.2.1). I’ve installed the latest version but the issue was still there. He informed me that he had checked the latest version again and it was working fine. He asked me for a screenshot of my plugin’s setting page.

Alphabetic Pagination – Nav Menus disappear on all pages

I appreciated the developer of WordPress plugin Alphabetic Pagination that his idea behind this plugin is great. But when I configured the plugin, all the menus disappear on every page where I tried to use Alphabetic pagination.  I’ve tried to solve this problem but I can’t figure out the confliction in nav menu item type that he was filtering. I asked him for quick solution.

He thanked me for the appreciation. He told me check his code and try to find where he was using .html() in jquery. That should me .append() or .prepend() in my case. He also told me that If i will get it fixed then he will make these changes in next version.

I informed him that he was already using prepend for jQuery, i tried to find the issue for use of add filter('pre_get_posts','ap_pagination',1). it seems ‘pre_get _posts‘ is filtering nav_menu_item and thus removing all the menus on any page that the plugin filters. Then, i asked him for help.

He informed me that he will try the same case at his end and will inform me soon. He also told me that may be he will require the URL from me to test the solution later. He gave me his blog blog link to post my testing credentials via contact form if that required.

I suggested him that his code might just need some ending to resolve the issue. I also asked him that have he had a chance to look at the navigation menu issue.

He informed that he is little busy in work and will check the issue this weekend and will inform me. After one day he informed me the he have traced the issue, will release the update soon.

I appreciated him for help.